• Sam Nujoma The Founding President of Namibia

    The Sam Nujoma Children’s Book tells the story of the Founding President of Namibia, His Excellency Dr Sam Nujoma, from his childhood to the dawn of Namibia’s Independence. It follows Namibia’s struggle for liberation from South African apartheid rule, and the era of reconciliation that followed. The book describes Dr Nujoma’s dedication to Namibia’s freedom; and will undoubtedly inspire and educate children in Namibia and beyond. It is highly recommended for youth in their quest to learn about this chapter in Namibia’s history.
    Yambeka Children, Promoting African Languages and Tales

    Author: Helvi Itenge

  • Iinamowenyo/ Animals

    Learning Oshiwambo is fun!
    “Iinamwenyo/Animals” is a remarkable bilingual picture book using names of common animals in Oshiwambo and English. Bonus! Learning numbers 1-20 in Oshiwambo and English and interesting facts about animals + 2 fun puzzles. Oshiwambo is a language spoken in Namibia (especially northern part and southern Angola). The Aawambo came from the great Bantu family. They speak Oshiwambo language which consists of eight directs: Oshikwanyama, Oshindonga, Oshikwambi, Oshingandjera, Oshimbalantu, Oshikwaluudhi, Oshikolonkadhi and Oshimbandja. All names of dialects use the language prefix: “Oshi-“.

    Author: Helvi Itenge

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