• Xtorm Fuel Series Power Bank Solar Charger – 10.000 mAh

    Sold By: Taati Lifestyle

    No-nonsense solar charger
    Use the Fuel Series 3 solar charger on any adventure! It is a no-nonsense solar charger to get the most out of life.
    The 10,000mAh internal battery allows you to quickly charge your phone, GPS system, or other devices without encountering a power outlet. The SunPower solar cells that we use in the FS305 are very efficient, allowing you to get more out of sunny days.

    If you encounter water or rain during your adventure, don’t worry: the FS305 is IPX4 certified, which means that the solar charger is splash-proof. The solar charger is also fall-resistant and has a powerful LED flashlight.

    The FS305 is charged by the SunPower cells, or by means of micro-USB. The Solar charger has two USB ports with an output of 2.1A, perfect for quickly charging your devices.

    Auto Power Management
    The Xtorm APM chip automatically distributes the power to the connected devices to prevent overcharging and overheating.

    Super efficient
    The Xtorm Solar Charger Robust is very efficient. As a result, as little energy as possible is lost during the charging process.

    Premium batteries
    Xtorm only uses the best battery cells that meet all safety regulations and that have the capability of fast charging.

    Xtorm #MoreEnergy

    Energizing your journey is what we do. Xtorm understands travelers. We develop power products, tested by millions of travelers around the world.


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